The music video will be hella tight.

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My friend Jason called the other night. I kinda got out of line with him because he's a ninja, whereas I'm a pirate. I could hear his eyebrows raise through the phone after I called him a wench or a slut or something. "Watch out, chica. My pimp hand is gettin' ready."

I was too busy listening to his eyebrows to hear what he said, so my brain interpreted that as "Pimp panda's gettin' ready." I tell you this because I am here and now laying claim to that phrase, which will definitely be used as a lyric in the near future. You know, whenever my fake band, Ukeleles and Doobs, gets together to practice our rad music.

And yes, my stage name might possibly be "Running Deer."

Thursday's Child

Thursday's Child

"I was too busy listening to his eyebrows to hear what he said"

That may be the best excuse for not listening in the history of excuses for not listening. Next time I'm in class and get caught not paying attention, I'm going to have to use that one.

But maybe I'll change it up, like "I was too busy listening to his live beaver hairpiece to hear what he said" or something like that. It'll be classic. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.



Thursday's Child - I need to start practicing my excuses again if I'm going to be back in school in January. They also might come in handy at work, come to think of it.

Also, there should be more weeping and gnashing of teeth these days.