Clearly, I'm not the one chosen to bring sexy back.

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Black Socks

So, just when I thought I was done being eighty-two years old, I looked down to find myself wearing a robe. With black socks. Which were covered in cat hair.

Panera Kyle, I don't even know what to tell you this time. I wouldn't date me right now, either.


Danielpants on earth could you accidently do something so insane as wear socks covered in cat hair? In a bathrobe no less...*sigh* We're going to make sure you leave here WITHOUT such psychotic notions in that pretty little head of yours.



Danielpants - I'm not sure I'd turn to LeTourneau students for fashion advice, but thanks for the offer. I actually hope that Stacy and Clinton get wind of this and decide to come whisk me away to New York for a week of shopping and bliss. *le sigh*