I also wouldn't mind one of those Starbucks gift cards.

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I'm really intrigued by all the spam emails I've been getting lately regarding "Panda Research." I don't need any Rogaine, Viagra, or home mortgages, but I wouldn't mind hanging out with a panda all day. My favorite animal is a tiger, but pandas are in the top five somewhere.

P.S. Really, Firefox? You recognize "Viagra" as a word but not "dialogue"? I'm not sure what this says about the people who create you, and I'm honestly not sure I want to know.

P.P.S. What's your favorite animal? Why?



I love puppies, but who doesn't?

Nondomesticated animals? Penguins or pandas. They are adorable and cute. I want a penguin to live in my bathtub and a panda to cuddle with.

Thursday's Child

Thursday's Child

"Tyger, Tyger, burning bright
In the forest of the night
what immortal hand or eye
could create thy frightful symmetry?"

-William Blake

My favorite animal would probably be the Duckbilled Platapus. I love the thing because it's absolutely absurd. It looks funny; it's a mammal that lays eggs; it's just one of those "God must have a sense of humor" creatures.