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Note from Rachelskirts: Today's entry is brought to you by Gilligan, who took pity on me and my blogging predicament and kindly offered to write a guest post for me. I had given up hope that anybody would actually do this, so I was pleasantly surprised when he IMed me tonight, saying, "I have a guest post if you'd like it. It kinda fits in with the listings you've been doing." Turns out he's a bit of a punk. Behold:

Top ten reasons for writing a filler post:

  1. You're lazy.
  2. You like lists.
  3. You're three weeks behind on Blog365.
  4. You have no funny stories to tell.
  5. Your family, friends, and sock monkeys have left you hanging.
  6. You can't write about work either.
  7. Getting drunk is not an option (well, not a good option at least).
  8. You'd rather think up a couple bullet points than fabricate some fantastical fiction.
  9. Alliteration is something that comes naturally to you.
  10. Random thoughts just come to you during late-night IM sessions with long-lost friends.
Team Christmas

Team Christmas

I gave you my permission to use my fantastical fiction...Isn't that hope enough?

Jace of Fuse!

Jace of Fuse!

Wow. Things like this make me think it's actually better to be completely off-line than just behind.

Reality doesn't agree, though, since your technorati score is much, much higher than a certain unnamed site which has now been down for one month to the day.



Hey cool, you used it! ;-) Punk I may be, it's still full of awesome. :-p
And hey awesome! You're site's back up! Congratulations to whoever was able to convince it to talk to the internet again! :-D