Not to Mention the Biggest Ella Fitzgerald Ever

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Things to Love About the Ocean's Eleven Soundtrack:

  1. George Clooney's voice on several tracks.
  2. The instant Badass Boost™ included with each song. You could be doing laundry the boring way, or you could crank up the stereo and do some badass laundry.
  3. Brad Pitt's voice on several tracks.
  4. The opportunity to grunt, "UUHH!" really loudly whilst singing along to "Papa Loves Mambo." Do this in the car and count how many jealous people scowl at you.
  5. Some really groovin' no seriously who thought to put George Clooney and Brad Pitt in the same movie? Because I'd like to hug that person. Right before he or she introduces me to the future Mr. Georgepants and Mr. Bradpants.


I'll have to check it out... I have to have good music to clean my room to, or I don't do it. Badass = even better than good.



I have a funny story. So, have you seen Michael Clayton? So, the ending credits are rolling over this big close up of George Clooney riding in a car, just sitting there. I am in the theater with a couple of my friends, and I say, "George Clooney has the best face for close ups.." Needless to say, none of my friends are secure enough in their manliness to allow themselves to recognize the hotness of another guy. So they proceed to laugh their guts out. Good times..