American History: Bacon and Peglegs

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Find yourself in a blogging rut? Try studying! I haven't been able to think about anything but writing a blog entry for two days! I have a telecourse to start and finish within the next week, but the only notes I took during the first set of DVDs (which my super awesome brother, Adam, watched with me) were funny quotes that I wanted to remember to tweet later. Oops! Anyway, I've decided to post them for you here instead. Enjoy!

Quotes from Us:

  • Who knew that God wore Transitions lenses?
  • Something something Carrot Top's mom. Wait, is Carrot Top two words? I can't believe I just Googled that.
  • He sounds like Cleveland from Family Guy! But with a speech impediment.
  • Dude, it is like a rabbit's foot exploded from his chin.
  • Why do they all have bad beards?

Quotes from Narrators:

  • Bacon himself is such a young whippersnapper.
  • He stormed and peglegged around.

Words That Didn't Sound Legit But Actually Are:

  • Triumphalist.
  • Contradistinction.

Congratulations! Now you know as much about U.S. history as I do. Go run for office!



If I had a nickle for every time I heard the word 'contradistinction.' Seriously.



Wow, US history sounds so much more entertaining than Intertestamental Period history. Basically it's "God said it would happen through Daniel, and it did." How predictable. :-p

Hope you get it all done well!



Oh, I cannot wait until I get the chance to storm and pegleg around!