Bacon Famous: Before They Were Famous (or Bacon)

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People who upload music under creative commons licenses: I applaud you. I am too skint to pay for an intro song for my soon-to-exist podcast, Bacon Famous, so it was a blessing to find free tunes that weren't all awful. (But good heavens, your categorizing skills could use some work.) My brother and I spent hours pouring through libraries of royalty-free music tonight, and here are some highlights from this entertaining, enlightening, and terrifying time:

  • There is such a thing as "instrumental rap." No, you do not want to listen to it.
  • That group that promised celtic jazzrock blues instrumental heavy metal reggae music actually came through. Much better than the instrumental rap.
  • The Jewish Bob Dylan track is probably the funniest thing on the internet.
  • Anything with the word "ambient" in it should be avoided at all costs. So should an album filed under "skak."
  • Step away from the Beelzebub Airlines album!
  • My brother thinks that all "old-timey" music sounds like goats singing through horns. Sorry, but our intro song will not be that 1920s piece with the sweet accordion solo.
Nick Tabick

Nick Tabick

*hides ambient music collection*

Doesn't your brother know that the first thing about podcast intro music is that if there's an accordion solo among your findings, you're supposed to use it? It's like the king-size Snickers bar in your bag of Halloween candy!

Alright, maybe I'm making that up, but picking out the music is only part of the fun. And you might want to pick something generic out for the first few episodes, or at least until you know where you're going with the project. It might help narrow your focus a little bit.</protip>

Good luck with the podcast!



I did not realize that this "instrumental rap" existed until reading your post. This is amazing.

Cynthia LaPalermo

Cynthia LaPalermo

To me every single hip hop track that comes out now sounds exactly the same.