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Noooo! They be stealin' my bucket. For the longest time, my good friend Boy had the first half of this image series on one monitor and the second half on his other monitor. It never failed to make me laugh.

For some reason, this popped into my mind today and then made me think of bucket lists. If you're unfamiliar with the term, a "bucket list" is simply a list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket."

I've been wanting to write up a bucket list for many years now, but as I mentioned the other day, I'm still trying to narrow down my passions, what motivates me, and what matters to me. That's an incredibly easy thing for some people, but I am not one of them. I remember feeling like a deer in headlights when I realized I would have to pick a college major and that there is no such thing as a career path that encompasses piano-playing, math, history, writing, and graphic design all in one job (especially since I would rather chop off my own limbs than become a teacher). Having multiple interests is fun, but choosing between them is definitely not.

Anyway, dear friends and strangers, what are some things you have on your bucket list? Have you done anything from that list yet? Do you plan to accomplish anything from the list in the next year?

If you have a bucket list (or something similar) posted somewhere online, leave the link in the comments because I'm dying for ideas and inspiration, and oh yeah, I'm just really stinkin' curious.

Nick Tabick

Nick Tabick

I don't have a bucket list, but I will admit that my mind somehow managed to jump to a related computer science definition before I even finished reading yours. (I'll get right on dialing down the geekiness...)

Back on track, some ideas for your own list that may or may not get you started:

  • Are there any significant places in history that really pique your interest? Are there any parts of history that you want to learn more about?

  • Is there a sport you've never played before that you want to take the chance to fully experience? Do you have any goals for yourself to improve your physical abilities?

  • Are there people you've heard about or seen that you would actually like to meet in real life, if only for a moment? (I have a feeling that Elijah Wood is going to make an appearance here.)

  • Are there any ways in which your interests and talents could be used to leave a permanent mark on society? Is there something you hope to invent or define? Do you have a revolutionary new idea that can improve something people take for granted?

Also, remember that any job titles you pick up are not permanent, and neither are the tasks associated with each job. You might find that some of the interests that don't get exercised daily still manage to find their way into your work from time to time, though, so you might get your dream job yet, even if it alternates between awesome and even more awesome. ;)



Why narrow it down? Why not write everything that comes to mind that you'd like to do in your lifetime...

Maybe you could categorize it into more than one bucket list, or start to narrow down after you've just brainstormed it all for awhile.

I'm only saying these things because I'm kind of having the same problem. I'm afraid to try to come up with the definitive list of things I want to do, because there's SO MUCH, and at the same time, so little. I think I may have to try taking my own advice, though...

Thanks for sharing!



Dude. I just want to learn the moves to Thriller before I die.

I have big aspirations.



Ha. LOVE LovelyAnomaly's comment.