Concerning Hobbits

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Last night, I went to the theater with my dad and brother and saw the final Hobbit movie. I legitimately don't know what I think of it, other than to say that I didn't hate it. It would be easy to get swept up in a rant about how pompous someone would have to be to think that Tolkien's work needed help from additional storylines, characters, etc., but I don't want to waste time being angry about things I have no control over. Also, my boyfriend suggested that Peter Jackson is now free to write content for a third trilogy that has nothing to do with anything, which made me laugh hard enough to break through any residual grumpiness.* So I guess I'll accept the Hobbit movies and enjoy them as they are, and I will continue to love Tolkien's stories until the end of my days.

*I cherish the idea of these movies becoming a real thing, especially if someone can convince Andy Serkis to play every character. (Sorry, Orlando Bloom.)



My hope is for Peter Jackson to take some time off. Watch his films. Then see where he went from inspired to . . . less than that. And not make the same mistakes as George Lucas.