Mad Libs Monday

How to Become a Participant in Mad Libs Monday

On Monday morning, I will begin accepting names from people who want to participate in the following week's video. On Tuesday morning, the first six to eight people (depends on the story) who responded will get an email from me with their assigned parts of speech. Participants are expected to respond with a video or audio post by Saturday at the latest, so I have time on Sunday afternoon to piece together the various elements.

Registration for new episodes takes place at!

The History of Mad Libs Monday

During the summer of 2011, I had this idea that I would keep in touch with my younger brother (who was heading off to a six-week internship in L.A.) by making him participate in a video-based rendition of Mad Libs. That did not happen, so I recycled the idea and presented it to my blog readers as a collaborative YouTube game. I put out the call for participants for the pilot episode, and I had just enough people to put together the first story: