Concerning Hobbits

Last night, I went to the theater with my dad and brother and saw the final Hobbit movie. I legitimately don't know what I think of it, other than to say that I didn't hate it. It would be easy to get swept up in a rant about how pompous someone would have to be to think that Tolkien's work needed help from additional storylines, characters, etc., but I don't want to waste time being angry about things I have no control over. Also, my boyfriend suggested that Peter Jackson is now free to write content for a third trilogy that has nothing to do with anything, which made me laugh hard enough to break through any residual grumpiness.* So I guess I'll accept the Hobbit movies and enjoy them as they are, and I will continue to love Tolkien's stories until the end of my days.

*I cherish the idea of these movies becoming a real thing, especially if someone can convince Andy Serkis to play every character. (Sorry, Orlando Bloom.)

The 2014 Skirts Awards

Best nickname given: Prickly Bear
Best nickname received: Miss Mordor
Best Twitter name squatted while tipsy: @hiccupskirts

Best city visited: Las Vegas
Best grave visited: Daniel Burnham's
Best place that I nearly ran away to but didn't: Napa

Best song for making me laugh at the office: "Christmastime Is Here" cover by Jars of Clay, just the first five seconds; I don't know why
Best song for secret office sing-alongs with Young Coworker: "She Will Be Loved," by Maroon 5
Best album I kept on repeat: PTX, Vol. III, by Pentatonix

Best TV show: Downton Abbey
Best Netflix marathon: The first ten seasons of Top Gear UK
Best movie for vanquishing of foes: Godzilla

Best food delivered to my house: Grilled cheese sandwich
Best food dropped on the sidewalk: Ribs (at Rib Fest)
Best alcoholic chocolate shake: Somewhere in Vegas

Best friend for writing spontaneous musicals: Tyler
Best friend for sharing emoji-only inside jokes: Tyler
Best friend for all-caps text message shouting: Tyler

Best video game I spent way too much money on: Word Monsters (iOS)
Best video games watched: The entire Mass Effect series
Best crushworthy video game character: James from Mass Effect 3

Best books read: The Red Mars trilogy
Best quote from awful book: ". . . the chickens blew into the sea."
Best book club joined: bbb with Tyler; only haters allowed

Best podcast I've been binge-consuming since April: Roderick on the Line
Best collection of pickle puns in a podcast: Episode 225, MBMBaM (NSFW, language and such)
Best podcast I failed to make again: Men with Skirts

Best kiss: Unexpected and at the Signature Lounge
Best misunderstanding the day after the best kiss: "I regret everything," followed by me choking on a gasp
Best fake engagement: Coming back from Vegas wearing a ring (sorry, coworkers)
Best real boyfriend: Prickly Bear

Best previous editions of Skirts Awards: 2013, 2011

Fizzling Out

Tomorrow, I will compile the 2014 Skirts Awards and share my favorite books, movies, podcasts, TV shows, nicknames, quotes, inside jokes, and other useless trivia. It will be festive and fun and lovely. I will have all sorts of energy and maybe even shower and wear real clothes.

Tonight, though, I will sit in my pajamas and eat pizza and listen to podcasts. When I have finished with that, I will read books and listen to Chopin. Then I will watch a movie with my family right up until midnight, when we will tune in to the local ABC 7 News anchors, who are always smashed and always kiss a little too much at midnight and always make everyone really uncomfortable. We will toast with sparkling white grape juice and watch the Chicago fireworks on TV and then immediately head to bed. It's a wonderful way to kick off the new year, and I really can't wait to see what the rest of 2015 brings.

Much love to all of you beloved Internet friends, and happy new year!