The app that I use as my alarm clock and to track my sleep also allows me to monitor what my mood is when I wake up—mad face, meh face, or happy face—and I don't think I have ever once selected the happy face. I'm sure there's a motivational poster out there that wants me to believe that I need to change my job or get a boyfriend or drink more green tea because then I'll love waking up every day. But if you asked me to take that same poll a three in the afternoon, I'd totally vote for the happy face.

I simply don't like mornings.

(But I wouldn't mind some tea, if you're offering.)

Mr. Diaperbutt

Aurora, my new character in Sims 3, married William approximately ten minutes after meeting him, and they're completely adorable together. That's a very biased opinion, of course, since I created both of them and designed them to be a great couple. Today, they had their first son, and the game mandated that I come up with a name for him. Immediately after searching for "baby boy names" on Google, I realized 1) that's a stupid way to search for names, since babies eventually grow up and can't be known as Sir Cheekums McCrawlypants forever and 2) there was no more perfect name than that of my true love in Mass Effect 3. Sorry, Kaiden, but my heart will always belong to James.

Dissecting Autumn

Things I truly don't like:

  • Chilly feet
  • Pumpkin-spiced anything
  • Knowing that winter is just around the corner and will never ever end

Things I want to like but probably don't:

  • Scented candles (during any season, really)
  • Hot apple cider
  • Rainy days

Things I definitely like:

  • Hot chocolate with so much whipped cream
  • Scarves and mittens
  • Snuggling with cats (or a very lucky person)