Find Me Elsewhere

Apparently, I have made it my goal to take over the internet, one site at a time. I've left my mark at all of the following places:


This my main account, where I share funny quips and musings and whatnot.

Sorry, but this account is private. It's where I obnoxiously rant about boys and coworkers and grammatical errors.

Follow along with me as I quote my way through the extended editions of the movies.

True story: I have no idea what to do with this account anymore. Suggestions welcome.

When my sock monkey is feeling particularly well-rested, he tweets things. Mostly, he just flirts with girls, though.

I have numerous other Twitter accounts, and the full list (along with the story of how this obsession began) can be found at


This is where I stash random pictures, videos, and links that I find hilarious or just plain interesting.

Like interior design, graphic design, photography, and more interior design? Cool. So do I.

Ban Comic Sans
Someone has to be the Comic Sans police on Tumblr.

Grammar Nazi
This is the companion blog to the Twitter account that I never use.

Heck Yeah LOTR
I'm archiving the tweets from the @LOTR Twitter account here.

Other Sites

Sadly, that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to hunt me down further, just drop me an email or something.