February Favorites

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Finding, sharing, and creating witty content on Twitter remains the number one reason I stay on the site. Tweets that make me stop in my tracks to laugh out loud (or smile to myself, if I'm in a really boring meeting) get marked with that little "Favorite this tweet!" star. When someone I admire does the same for something I post, I become giddy. (No, really.)

I was going to talk about the importance of favoriting and the history of Twitter favorites, but you'll have to buy me a cupcake and clear an hour or two in your schedule if you really want to experience that monologue.

Instead, I present to you some favorite tweets from this month. Consider this my take on #FollowFriday, if you must.

"Buying four bananas at Walgreens is cheaper than buying three is the saddest thing I know."

— @bailey

"Jackie Chan is suspiciously good at words with friends. #cheatercheater #pumpkineater"

— @fakestephenking

"I am in what can only be described as Shredder's Hideout."

— @DotEd

"I took my child to work almost ten months ago, people. Is there seriously not a Take Your Child Back Home Day?"

— @badbanana

"How come it's mostly random, creepy dudes adding me on Google+? What's up, ladies? You got better things to do than be creepy?"

— @tehawesome

"If you clean the office fridge, do not announce it in IRC as the hypocrites do. Amen I say to you, they have received their reward in full."

— @EffingBoring

"I like my men the way I like my pizza: made of pizza."

— @theresa_lauren

"More like bidHEY"

— @biorhythmist

"You're right, I SHOULD smile! Thanks for the great advice," said nobody, ever.

— @superfantastic


I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thank you very much. :)

bethany actually
bethany actually

I loved this! And I love favoriting tweets, too, and get that same giddy feeling of, "Someone likes me!" when one of my tweets is faved.

bethany actually
bethany actually

I should write a post like this.

Rachelskirts (in reply to bethany actually)

Yes, do it! I'm sure you follow tons of fabulous people I've never even heard of, and I'd love to add them to my little Twitter world. :)




You should do this more often. You're the reason why I do my monthly Twitter Quotes post. I also may steal your idea and make some graphics for some of them.

Rachelskirts (in reply to Joey)

I would love to do more of them! I don't want that to become the only thing I find time to do, though, haha. Once I get back in the swing of blogging regularly, I'll start incorporating more of them into the schedule.

And steal away! :) I love your tweet round-ups already, but you know I'm a fan of putting a creative spin on everything. Flex those design muscles!