86 Useless Facts Left to Write, 86 Useless Facts . . .


. . . Take one down, pass it around, 86 useless facts left to write.

Huzzah! The third installment of "101 Things About Me" is totally here, y'all. (Part one is here, and part two is here.) It's a bit of a wake-up call when you realize that you can't come up with more than two interesting things to say about yourself. I either need to become more interesting or become a better liar. Obviously, I won't be choosing the former. Anywho, here are some facts to memorize before Trivial Pursuit: Blogger's Edition is invented and released.

  1. I always pick the same seat for airplane flights. (It's a window seat right in front of the wing of the plane. The window is perfectly positioned, so I don't have to leave the plane with a crick in my neck. There are two seats to the left of mine, meaning that Joe Schmoe and John Doe can carry on a conversation while I read a book, stare out the window, and jam out to my iPod.)
  2. I scan every single spam email I receive looking for another one from Elijah Wood.
Email Screenshot
Gmail Screenshot
  1. Ladybugs and butterflies are the only insects that don't cause me to go running and screeching in panicky circles.
  2. I still call my daddy to come kill the other bugs. (The biggest, nastiest ones have haunted me at college, though . . . a convenient 1000 miles away from my bug-squashing father.)
  3. Rhubarb pie is my absolute most favoritest pie in the whole wide world. (This is probably because I used to make it with my grandma when I would go over to her house. Or maybe it's because it's so gosh dang tasty.)