Hi. My name is Rachelskirts.

In my imagination, I am unequivocally beautiful, charming, and talented, marred only by a cold heart and a biting sense of humor. I've spent the first thirty years of my life aspiring to this Jane Austen-esque ideal, even though the everyday reality is much less romantic—a house littered with candy wrappers and bobby pins, a diet of cinnamon rolls and pizza, and a neurotic love affair with good-looking ampersands.

By day, I am an administrative assistant for the state of Tennessee, and as my schedule allows, I am a copy editor at Second Breakfast Media and creative director for Stories from the Trenches. I love language, I love communication, and I love helping people. I get to do all of those things for friends and strangers who are putting together websites, writing blog posts, publishing books, or even composing love letters. It's fantastic, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Things You Will Find Here at Rachelskirts.com

I have mad skills in penmanship, playing piano, knowing exactly when to use a semicolon, organizing bookshelves, and befriending unfriendly cats. I write about all of those things—and whatever else interests me—here at Rachelskirts.com. Recently, my other interests have included books, technology, video games, office supplies, and that time I sneezed into a box of tissues.

New posts show up once every week or so, and if you really, really like me, you can subscribe via email or social media. If you're flat-out in love with me, you can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, and so many other sites.

Super Interesting Facts about Rachelskirts, the Lady

Well, first of all, I am indeed a lady. I even know how to curtsey and make my eyelashes flutter! I am also proficient at trash-talking during a baseball game (Go, Cubs!), eating grilled cheese sandwiches, and napping in a puddle of sunshine.

I grew up near Chicago with my dad, a computer programmer; my mom, a bookkeeper; and my younger brother, Adam, a legendary illustrator in the making. For most of my twenties, I worked at my church, pursuing my passion for great print and web design in exchange for a teeny tiny paycheck and barrels full of homemade desserts. Shortly after my thirtieth birthday, I resigned and moved to Tennessee to care for my beloved grandparents.

My nickname is my own dang fault, since I frequently run around calling people Señor Crankypants and Moany McWhinypants and, in the case of one lucky friend, Danielpants. His response was to call me Rachelskirts, and the nickname instantly became one of my favorites. Close friends call me Skirts, and my best friends call me Skirtsyskirts.

Speaking of Friends, Let's Talk!

If you are a friendly type person and would like to chat and/or send me pictures of Elijah Wood in the mail, please do not be afraid to say hello!

Email address: skirts@rachelskirts.com
Mailing address: 240 Old Jamestown Hwy. #2503, Crossville, TN, 38557-2503
Google Voice number: 847.462.4627
Twitter profile: www.twitter.com/rachelskirts
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/rachelskirts


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Copyrights and Related Policies

Look, poppet. I love you. But all of the content on this site is copyrighted to me unless otherwise noted, and that means that you can't copy/paste it to your site. In fact, it means that you need to get my written permission before you can use my content anywhere else, and I will love you twice as much if you honor that.

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Sometimes, I promise things like cupcakes or doughnuts or bacon to people who read all the way to the end of a long entry or who give feedback when I ask for it. If you've made it to the end of this about page and would like me to buy you a cupcake, a doughnut, or a piece of bacon, let me know! Let's hang out and eat good food together.