A Case of the Mondays


My brother, who just turned 20 today (happy birthday, Adam!!), has the week off for Spring Break. Because of this, I became delusional and thought that this was my Spring Break, too. I literally spent the entire day picking my nose or having my Sims pick their noses because I FORGOT I HAD TO WORK TOMORROW.

And now that I've remembered, I'm all sorts of cranky. There is no "hold the grumpysauce" option tonight. No. I am livid. To top it all off, I've had this flyer sitting on my desk all week, taunting me.

. . .

Okay, well, there was supposed to be a picture there of the piece of paper I found attached to a pizza box. It's typed in Comic Sans, and it references the pizzeria's MySpace page. Not a good combination on a pleasant night. An awful combination on a night like tonight. Because I needed more angst in this entry, my camera decided to snub my computer. ZOMG.

Fine. If you need me, I'll be curled up in a corner, sucking my thumb, watching Lord of the Rings. And forcing my Sims to do the same.