A Spoonful of Crazy Makes the Rumors Go 'Round


Because I feel the need to 1) follow up on yesterday's entry and 2) lighten the mood a bit, let me share some other fun details with you about the pregnancy scare I faked.

  • After crying and stammering my way through the whole story, I added, "Actually, we're not really sure if he's the father of if it's his roommate." At that point, I just wanted to see how many more horrified faces she could make.
  • The "potential fathers" and I decided to have an imaginary child to make the situation more entertaining.
  • Her name is Aurora, but we call her "Rory."
  • Rory will be three years old on April 12, 2007. She was born the same day she was conceived. Don't ask how that worked.
  • The one who we eventually determined to be her father is a ninja, so she is being raised to be equal parts ninja and pirate. Don't ask how that one works, either.
  • Because she spends most of her time with me, she's actually more pirate than ninja. Don't tell her father, though.

. . . Don't look at me like that. I just really want to name a daughter "Aurora," and this was looking like the only chance I'd ever get.