Planning My Year: 2024 Edition


Over the past few years, I have done a lot of experimenting when it comes to goals, routines, and habits. I have consumed a considerable amount of content—self-improvement books, productivity podcasts, goal-setting videos, etc.—in order to piece together something that works for me, and I’m really happy with the end result. I used to feel at war with myself or simply disconnected from my own life, and now I’m in a place where I feel content and at peace.

I’ve had a few people ask me about my process, so I’m going to share it in two parts: this first post will cover how I set up my goals for the year, and then my next post will talk about how I break those annual goals down into tasks by month, week, and day. I’ll also include any relevant resources along the way, so you can learn more, if that's your cup of tea.

a paper planner (daily layout) with pens and highlighters nearby, as well as a faux fireplace video playing on a laptop screen in the background

Step 1: Establish the Vibes

I like the idea of picking a word for the year, something that defines or inspires how you want to act or feel. I also like answering a few basic journal prompts to get my brain in “daydream mode.” It’s really hard to plan ahead if you’re being too narrow-minded, and it’s also really hard to get started if you’re staring fearfully at a blank page.

I found some easy prompts in this "Design Your Year Challenge" video by Jules Acree and spent about ten minutes writing down my answers:

  • Words of the Year: Delight, Belong, Bloom
  • Unwind with Hobbies: learn French, play piano (for me), read, edit photos, bake, blog
  • Give Back to the Community: donate blood
  • Expand My Comfort Zone: join a fitness class, travel solo, stream on Twitch
  • Financial Goals: stay debt-free, move into my own apartment or home
  • Travel Goals: visit Chicago, visit New York City, get a passport, take more road trips
  • Celebrate Wins: bake something tasty, dance to a fun playlist, order a fancy drink from Starbucks, write a blog post, order fresh flowers

Step 2: Write Out Your Dream Day

In this step, you want to be as detailed as possible—and as vulnerable as possible—when writing out what your dream day looks like. Reality has no business being here. Pretend you live in your dream home in your dream location with your dream people, working at your dream job and spending your free time doing your dream hobbies. You aren’t going to be able to achieve that dream life unless you’re honest about it. Also, since you already put in the hard work of answering the prompts above, use those to inform your dream day.

I first learned about this from Sarajane Case in one of her former courses, and I read about it again in Girl, Stop Apologizing, a book by Rachel Hollis. It’s also something my therapist recommended! The endorsements for this strategy add up. Here’s my take on it for 2024:

I wake up with the sunrise and stretch in the middle of a cozy king-sized bed with a remote-controlled fireplace at my feet. I light the fire and prop myself up in bed as I prep myself for the day. I start with a glass of water, a meditation, and some self-care (gua sha, cuticle oil, seated yoga). Then I pull my planner from my nightstand and review my upcoming tasks and appointments—making sure they’re also in my digital planner.

With my mind at peace, I head downstairs to make breakfast and a cute cup of coffee in a kitchen that was tidied up the night before. (I am reunited with my pink dishes, and I am so happy about it.) I eat my food at the oversized kitchen island while sitting on a cozy stool and either reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle.

After breakfast, I tidy up the dishes and blast some cheery music while starting the rest of my morning routine: brushing my teeth, washing my face, getting dressed, putting on some make-up, and releasing my hair from my overnight curlers. After a quick spritz of my favorite perfume, I give myself a few minutes to dance and sing along.

I consult my planner again and get started on my tasks and appointments. I keep a full water bottle with me all day for hydration, and I take plenty of breaks to slow down—for tea, for stretching, for exercise (at home or in a park), for connecting with friends and family.

In the evening, I put together a nourishing and delicious dish that was meal-prepped over the weekend (or order a pizza for special occasions—or go out with friends!). I clean as I go, so the kitchen doesn’t become a source of overwhelm. I take my dinner to the couch and eat at the coffee table, watching a YouTube video or TV show or Twitch stream while wrapped in a cozy blanket and enjoying the warm lighting of lamps and faux candles. After an hour of unwinding, I call a loved one and chat on the phone while cleaning the kitchen and resetting the rest of the house.

To end the day, I allow myself fifteen minutes to reconnect with my body through yoga in the living room. I refill my water bottle and bring it upstairs. Then I shower and brush my teeth, do my evening skincare, and put on my pajamas and robe. I curl up in bed to journal about my day and plan for the next day. I dim the lights and enjoy reading more of my book before drifting into a restful sleep.
a twelve-image collage with three words in the middle (delight, belong, bloom). twelve images include a well-known sign in chicago, a hedgehog dressed up like an ice cream cone, a path through the woods, a bright kitchen, a well-loved piano, a pretty planner surrounded by pink flowers, a woman stretching in a yoga pose, fresh chocolate cupcakes, a pair of headphones on a pink background, an empty road cutting through rocky terrain, a bouquet of fresh flowers, and a neatly curated bookshelf

Step 3: Setting Annual Goals

Behold, the cutest vision board I have ever created. 🥹 This step actually starts with written goals, but there is a lot of power in creating a visual reminder of those goals—whether you write them on your mirror or create a desktop wallpaper (like I did) or make them into a custom coffee mug. I looked for images that represented my written goals and then plopped my three words for the year in the middle.

Adorable hedgehogs aside, the point of this step is to focus your previous work into ten achievable goals that move you closer to your dream life. These are the things I look at when I’m planning my months, weeks, and days, making sure I take practical steps toward achieving each one. (Thanks again to Rachel Hollis for explaining how powerful this tactic can be.) My 2023 goals included getting out of debt and fully decluttering my home, and I achieved both of those things by September. A few of my other goals just don’t make sense anymore, and the rest are mixed in with my goals for 2024:

  1. I am intentional about budgeting my energy, using my planner and apps to set aside time for self-care routines and achieving the rest of my goals.
  2. I spend lots of quality time with loved ones: spontaneous phone calls and body doubling, in-person visits, and handwritten cards.
  3. I remain debt-free.
  4. I move into my own home or apartment.
  5. I nourish my body through thoughtful meal planning.
  6. I set aside time for fun hobbies: editing photos, blogging, baking, reading, playing piano, and learning French.
  7. I tend to my physical needs by hydrating and moving my body daily.
  8. I budget time and money for travel goals: visiting Chicago, visiting New York, getting a passport, and taking more road trips.
  9. I start streaming video games on Twitch.
  10. I celebrate my wins by baking, dancing, or treating myself to coffee or flowers.

We are two weeks into 2024 now, and I'm so happy with my overall plan! In lieu of a real fireplace to wake up to, I play a faux fireplace video on my laptop every morning. I created my own Discord server to prepare for the launch of my Twitch/YouTube streams. I pushed through my social anxiety and celebrated a friend's birthday in-person. When I finish publishing this blog post, I'll celebrate with a dance party.

And obviously, it's fun to start something like this at the beginning of a new year, but it's also totally okay to start a new plan on February 29th (we have one of those this year!) or October 4th or later this afternoon. What are some of your current goals? Let me know in the comments! 💕

Any links to Amazon products in this post are through their affiliate program, so I get a small commission if you buy one of those products using that link. But what I'd rather get is the smug satisfaction that you are making smart decisions with your money, so prioritize that, friends.