Addicted to Your Love


Today, my brother and I were watching Season Five of 24. Sean Astin plays a fairly prominent role in the season, which means I naturally need to punctuate every other sentence with "Mr. Frodo" and reference Lord of the Rings scenes every five minutes. (Truthfully, I do a lot of that anyway.) Sean's character has a sister who is a junkie / drunkard / anorexic loser, and after a particularly tragic family moment between the two of them, my brother paused the show.

Adam: Thank you for not being a junkie of a sister.
Me: Umm, you're welcome.
Me: Thank you for not being a junkie of a brother?
Adam: No prob. Or a fat hobbit.
Me: That too.
Me: Well actually . . .
Me: If you were Sean Astin, you would most likely know the whereabouts of Elijah Wood right now, which is information I would like to have. It would be very valuable "intel" to me.

And at that point, my brother rolled his eyes and remembered that I'm a pretty annoying sister even without any drug addictions.