Bacon Famous: Before They Were Famous (or Bacon)


People who upload music under creative commons licenses: I applaud you. I am too skint to pay for an intro song for my soon-to-exist podcast, Bacon Famous, so it was a blessing to find free tunes that weren't all awful. (But good heavens, your categorizing skills could use some work.) My brother and I spent hours pouring through libraries of royalty-free music tonight, and here are some highlights from this entertaining, enlightening, and terrifying time:

  • There is such a thing as "instrumental rap." No, you do not want to listen to it.
  • That group that promised celtic jazzrock blues instrumental heavy metal reggae music actually came through. Much better than the instrumental rap.
  • The Jewish Bob Dylan track is probably the funniest thing on the internet.
  • Anything with the word "ambient" in it should be avoided at all costs. So should an album filed under "skak."
  • Step away from the Beelzebub Airlines album!
  • My brother thinks that all "old-timey" music sounds like goats singing through horns. Sorry, but our intro song will not be that 1920s piece with the sweet accordion solo.