But There Were Some Who Resisted


My microeconomics teacher seems to have two personae. The first dresses in one of six Hawaiian shirts paired with khaki cargo shorts and Adidas sandals. His hair is slightly rumpled, and he compensates for his casual look by demanding even more from the students. I don't have any statistics to back me up on this, but I'm guessing all of our pop quizzes have been given on Casual Ken days. Formal Ken, on the other hand, wears a snug polo shirt tucked in to Dockers, the pants hitting just the right place on his brown Oxford shoes. He seems to feel free to tell longer stories and better jokes on these days. His hair is combed into straight lines across his head.

Either way, he is one of the most intimidating professors on campus, his name whispered in fear as if he is Voldemort. I think he is absolutely fascinating. I hope he'll teach me how to make people cower like that some day. Let's just pray the Hawaiian shirts are optional.