By Thursday's Child, The Big-Brained and Great-Grammared

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Note from Rachelskirts: Today's entry comes to you from the one, the only, Thursday's Child. Actually, there are a lot of people who were born on Thursday, and Tyler isn't one of them. He is, however, a really gifted writer and a fantastic friend, so I am thrilled to have so easily convinced him to write a guest post for me.

What do you say when you're asked to write for the blog of a girl who's already got a perfect life with Frodo Baggins? And when she's not making out with him, she's got Juan Pedro to keep her company.

As I understand it, I, too, have a dream life in the land of the Sims 2. My girlfriend gives me regular updates about how our virtual selves are doing. I am, apparently, quite fond of tinkering with all manners of things. This, of course, is directly opposite of what my original hobby was going to be: ornithology.

While I'm no enemy to nature, I can't really say that birds come to mind whenever I hear the word "Audubon." I'm not really an overly masculine guy, but come on. Who hears that word without immediately thinking fast cars in Germany? (Yes, I realize it's "Autobahn" for the road, and "Audubon" for the crazy pidgeon people. Shut up already.)

In any event, I've finally decided that Sims 2 is an acceptable way to live life. I mean, at least in the Sims you know when you're dirty, hungry, unhappy. Probaby the most helpful feature is being able to look at a little bar to know when you have to go to the bathroom. I know I hate it when that sneaks up on me. Anyone else with me there? No? No one? I guess I'll just change clothes and get back to The Sims 2.