The boy who sits next to me in my microeconomics class is cute in an innocent sort of way. He is sometimes easily embarrassed, but he manages to make that a charming attribute. I'm not currently "on the prowl" for a boyfriend or even a crush, but there is so little to look forward to in the class that I am sometimes overly excited by his very existence.

Today, he approached my desk before class to compare his homework with mine. The vain part of me assumed that word had gotten around that I was one of the elite few actually floating by with an A in the class, possibly the only one to have gotten an A on the first test. (I even managed to weasel a higher grade out of my teacher, who had deducted a point without reason on one of the short-answer questions on the exam.)

A different vain part of me ditched this theory and assumed that perhaps he was merely using the homework assignment as an icebreaker. Who could resist a girl in a sweatshirt and plaid pink shorts who hadn't even bothered brushing her hair before letting it air-dry in the wind on the way to school?

But then reality kicked in, and I blushed, accidentally bit the inside of my cheek, and forgot how to talk.