Don't Ask What Happened on June 30th


I've been trying to narrow down why exactly I fell a month behind in blogging and why it is taking me so long to catch up. The simplest answer is that I just ran out of things to say, but I would have to point to Twitter as the reason for that happening. I used to write down all the funny things that happened throughout the day and use those as starting points for blog entries. But now I just "tweet" those things in 140 characters.

I'm not sure how exactly to deal with that yet, so I'm just going to give you the last week in Twitter updates, based solely on which ones were marked as favorites.

  • June 28: Woke up at 9 a.m., courtesy of @blackninja, who called to ask a computer question. I don't even know my NAME at 9 a.m. on a Saturday
  • June 29: Somewhere in this neighborhood, the Sox fans have gathered to have a SCREAMING FEST. I'd like to silence them with a baseball bat.
  • July 1: I just used the word "raunchy" while talking with @gboone. I'm pretty sure that means I'm an old person now, so get off my lawn.
  • July 1: Dad asked if I wanted food. I said I'd make my own dinner. Three hours later, I'm still organizing my music folders, and he's bringing food.
  • July 1: Dear McDonald's: REMEMBER THE FRIES NEXT TIME. Dear Dad: Please check for the fries next time. <3
  • July 2: Apple juice: had a chunk of something solid in it. Chocolate milk: expired yesterday. Coke: tastes like lint. — Beverage fail. :(
  • July 2: My mom's not around to stop me, so I'm relentlessly beating up @Skittle_Brains until he favorites all my tweets. Ha, kidding. Good idea, though.
  • July 2: Woke up sore. I know I didn't do anything physically strenuous yesterday, so I must have been kicking butt as Dreamskirts. Again.
  • July 2: And the streak of awful beverages continues. Coffee this morning is made from toilet water and the ashes of charred roadkill.
  • July 2: Umm, the Bible through LEGOs? How did I not know about this before?? Totally impressed. —
  • July 3: WTF? Do I look seventeen years old? Because I almost got carded at Wal*mart tonight while trying to buy sparklers.
  • July 3: Review of @Skittle_Brains on Twitter—Pros: he faves my tweets and writes funny stuff. Cons: he writes funny stuff and implies I'm a drug addict.
  • July 3: To all the people who want me to write Walmart* instead of Wal*mart: NO.
  • July 4: I am celebrating this nation's independence by wearing pajamas, eating junk food, and playing Sims 2. Just like our founding fathers did.
  • July 5: Watching @LOTR and practicing my penmanship. 100% party animal.
  • July 5: Woke up yesterday to the sound of the entire neighborhood mowing lawns and wacking weeds. Woke up today thanks to the loudest infant EVER.

And there you have it. I am a grumpy, old lady with an internet connection and too much free time. You know you love it.