The main thing that kept me from flinging myself off of a cliff today was the fact that I didn't know where to find a cliff. I suppose that's something I could've asked Siri, but that sounded particularly exhausting, and since I was doing my best imitation of a morose character from a Douglas Adams novel, I stayed put and sighed as loudly as I could. Moments later, a masked hero stopped by the office with some really amazing doughnuts from the really amazing doughnut shop in town.

(Oddly, I just now remembered that my coworker and I opened a sample pack of business cards first thing this morning, and one of the cards featured the very creepy superhero mascot of a very creepy doughnut shop. Foreshadowing!)

There isn't really a middle part to this anecdote because, unlike Douglas Adams, I am incredibly bad at storytelling. However, I hope this serves as a reminder that even on the worst days, you shouldn't give up hope. And that hope sometimes looks exactly like a double-chocolate doughnut. Or two.