Everything Is Ruined Forever


The title of this blog entry is stolen from a t-shirt that I dug out of the back of my closet today. My friend Danielpants (the very same one who dubbed me Rachelskirts many moons ago) gave it to me in May, but I really didn't appreciate just how perfect it was until this evening, as I was prancing around in my underwear trying to find something to wear for day three of the 30 Day Shred.

I couldn't find any clean t-shirts because I haven't done laundry in decades. The light to my closet was also broken, so whatever was clean got stolen by the lonely closet monster, Elliot Frankenpants. My bedroom was freezing cold, and I was in no mood to fix the light because I already spent three hours today helping the copier repair man fix the copier at the office. On my day off. Because my office computer was broken anyway. And I woke up late.

So just as I was running out of obscenities to whisper into the darkness of my frigid closet, I found this shirt and laughed myself back into a good mood. Yes, today was a prime day to end all of my tweets with #stabstabstab, but my hair did look great, and I managed to shave my legs IN NOVEMBER. Also, I haven't yet failed on my 30 Day Shred challenge or my NaBloPoMo challenge. I get to hang out with gRegor and Suzi this weekend. My fingers and toes are all present and accounted for, my bank account is not empty, my cat is still alive, and I LIKE CEREAL.

There you have it. I have great friends and great shirts and great closet monsters and a great life. You?