February Favorites


Finding, sharing, and creating witty content on Twitter remains the number one reason I stay on the site. Tweets that make me stop in my tracks to laugh out loud (or smile to myself, if I'm in a really boring meeting) get marked with that little "Favorite this tweet!" star. When someone I admire does the same for something I post, I become giddy. (No, really.)

I was going to talk about the importance of favoriting and the history of Twitter favorites, but you'll have to buy me a cupcake and clear an hour or two in your schedule if you really want to experience that monologue.

Instead, I present to you some favorite tweets from this month. Consider this my take on #FollowFriday, if you must.

"Buying four bananas at Walgreens is cheaper than buying three is the saddest thing I know."

— @bailey

"Jackie Chan is suspiciously good at words with friends. #cheatercheater #pumpkineater"

— @fakestephenking

"I am in what can only be described as Shredder's Hideout."

— @DotEd

"I took my child to work almost ten months ago, people. Is there seriously not a Take Your Child Back Home Day?"

— @badbanana

"How come it's mostly random, creepy dudes adding me on Google+? What's up, ladies? You got better things to do than be creepy?"

— @tehawesome

"If you clean the office fridge, do not announce it in IRC as the hypocrites do. Amen I say to you, they have received their reward in full."

— @EffingBoring

"I like my men the way I like my pizza: made of pizza."

— @theresa_lauren

"More like bidHEY"

— @biorhythmist

"You're right, I SHOULD smile! Thanks for the great advice," said nobody, ever.

— @superfantastic