Flattery: The Handmaid of the Vices


Someone at my church told me I played piano like Dave Brubeck. I almost fainted. He didn't think I was familiar with the jazz legend. I corrected the man. I told him I had just seen Mr. Brubeck play live at Ravinia. The man was floored. He used to listen to those records when he graduated college in the '60s. We chatted excitedly. He told me about his favorite songs, and I told him mine. His daughter rushed up to his side and pulled frantically on his pant leg. We started moving away, but our conversation continued. He hooked up a subwoofer to his computer speakers, which made the old CDs sound really great. I nodded and tried not to fall on my face as I rushed back up toward the stage.

I never got the man's name, but he made me the happiest girl alive that day. Thanks, stranger! (Although, you probably shouldn't lie in a church, even if it was a sweet thing to say.)