Hold the Nerdsauce


It's amazing how many people are concerned about your safety when you have the cord of a mouse wrapped around your neck. "There was this actress whose scarf got caught in the spokes of her car. She drove off, the scarf strangled her, and her head popped off. You shouldn't wrap things around your neck like that." Crazy, but you forgot to tell me that all three hundred times I wore a scarf this winter.

While we're on the subject, who knew they still manufactured ball mice? I expected to get an optical mouse with my new Dell computer at work, but I guess someone knew I'd be too distracted by my new, shiny 22" monitor to notice the whole "Hey, my mouse seems to have ceased working now that I've dragged it over my Pop-Tart crumbs" thing. But here we are, two months later, and I totally noticed. Yeah. Don't underestimate me again, Dell, or I'll have to knit you a pretty little scarf or two.