This month marks three years since I left Chicago, and at some point, I might be able to articulate just how much I miss it. Every time I see a photo of a city skyline or scrape ice from the windshield of my car or feel a strong wind, my heart skips a beat. So of course I cried a little when Tyler offered to buy me this Chicago-scented candle from a brand called Homesick.

What. A. Gosh. Dang. Delight.

The library candle was a fun surprise (and does indeed smell just like well-loved books and aged leather), but the Chicago candle has been soothing my soul. It smells like chocolate and baseball and jazz—with a hint of political corruption for authenticity. *chef kiss*

I don’t know when I’ll next be reunited with my favorite place (and my favorite pizza), but I like feeling like I have a little piece of it here with me now. Thank you, Tyler!