Honest Abeskirts


First of all, I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has encouraged me after my first attempt at video blogging. I was absolutely terrified to share an unedited babblefest with the world, but I forgot that I have such an amazingly supportive group of internet friends. (Really. Y'all are the best.)

We can all agree that there are many improvements to make before Video Blogging: Round Two, but I think I'll consider Round One a success in its own little umm-tastic way.

That said, I would like to direct your attention to the date on this entry. It says April 18, even though I am definitely writing this entry on May 14. A lot of people have been asking what the deal is, and I'm going to officially confess that I am massively behind in posting. I've been in some sort of weird writing rut, and not even Maggie's awesome blogging book can save me this time.

I'm still trying to keep up with Blog365, so I've been back-dating my posts. (Shut up. It's legal.) If you want to stop the confusion, I'd really welcome ideas or guest posts or sock monkeys or original crayon artwork. My email address is on the contact page, or you can just leave a comment with some lovin'.

Otherwise, I'll just keep bumbling along, one awkward post at a time. It might not be pretty, but it will certainly be Rachtastic. And in at least zero countries, that's totally something to brag about.