In Which I Recommend Stuff


Tonight, my stomach has lodged a formal complaint against my mouth for ingesting [fill in the blank]. There is some serious rioting going on down there, and I can actually feel the wooden stakes from the protest signs jabbing against other vital organs.

That said, here are a handful of places you might want to go this week to avoid hearing any more about my digestive tract:

Design*Sponge: I had forgotten about this site for almost a year, so I expect to be failing out of classes this semester as I catch up on the archives. This place is full of lovely inspiration (and DIY advice) for interior design, graphic design, typography, crafts, and anything else that is generally considered beautiful and/or artsy.

All Things Europe (Tumblr): One of their pictures recently made it to the Tumblr Radar, and I clicked through to find an amazing gallery of photographs from all over Europe. I am writhing on the floor in jealousy right now, and all plans to visit Hawaii, New York, L.A., and other boring American destinations have been put on hold until I check "visit every country in Europe" off my bucket list.

Sherlock (PBS show): Each episode is over an hour long, but it is totally worth missing out on a few reruns of House Hunters to watch this. Series 1 of the show is only available online until December 7, 2010, so scurry over there right now. Basically, it's Sherlock Holmes set in modern-day England with enough dreamy accents to make you fall off your chair. Twice. Go, go, go!

Edited to add: apparently, the "schedule a post" feature works better when you aren't sick and messing up the scheduled post date. Sorry for the delay.