Just a Spoonful of Yeti . . .


So, I was in the middle of writing up a 20-page guide to Israel in December for my senior pastor. He's taking a trip there in March, and this guide will serve as a journal for those accompanying him. I included little snippets of information on all the places they were visiting. The following conversation took place with a friend over AIM whilst I was home researching Petra:

Me: Sadly, there is a freaking INDIANA JONES GIFT SHOP there now, apparently.
Me: (Seriously, wtf? We can't just stick to gift shops in places that AREN'T historical landmarks?)
Pimp: yes, well hollywood has already commercialized pretty much everything else...
Pimp: lets face it, as soon as it is economically feasible we will have a gift shop at both of the earths rotational poles...
Me: One in the middle of the Grand Canyon.
Me: One on top of Mt. Everest.
Me: With a McDonald's at each location, of course.
Pimp: yes, of course...
Pimp: and a luxury hotel and waterpark within "walking distance"
Me: Sure.
Me: And a Wal*mart somewhere nearby.
Pimp: probably
Pimp: and annoying local people (such as elves or yetis) offering to give you guided tours for fifty bucks...
Me: lolz!
Me: Yetis.
Pimp: indeed, who else would know the local hotspots int the antarctic or on everest?
Me: This is totally becoming a blog entry, methinks.
Pimp: ok
Me: Clearly, anything with yetis...
Me: Destined for greatness.
Pimp: ah, I guess yetis do make for brilliant conversation
Me: Makes me want to play SkiFree.
Pimp: we should totally remake that game...
Pimp: with like a three dimensional view and all that, but leave all the controls the same
Pimp: and make the only really playable version the top down view, but then have the 3D as like a second window for more readily viewable yeti munching...
Pimp: and wipe outs...
Me: Dude, there needs to be an "instant replay" function for the eaten-by-a-yeti part.
Me: THAT can be like one of those massive 3D productions.
Pimp: yeah, thats what I be saying
Me: With like 40 different angles and slow-mo.
Pimp: and maybe even an on the fly automated commentator system that draws little yellow lines on the screen...
Pimp: like they do in football...
Me: Oh niiiice.

Maybe you had to be there, but I would rank this among one of the best conversations of 2007. I'm fairly certain that 2008 has the potential for even funnier things. It also has the potential to be the year that somebody remakes SkiFree and consequently wins a coupon for one wicked hot make-out session with yours truly.