Just kidding. Hand over the chocolate.


My lovely friend, Tez, mentioned in a comment that I didn't have any pictures from my Texas trip of me looking happy. This was odd to me, since I was nothing but happy until the bitter end. So here. I was happy on my trip to Tennessee, too, and I caught some photographic evidence.

I Heart Sunshine | Flickr

Currently, though, I am still digesting all the massive amounts of food my grandmother stuffed down my face when I wasn't busy gobbling up every cookie in sight. I probably look more bloated than happy. My dad, on the other hand, wants more pie, which boggles my mind.

Blackberry Pie | Flickr

Oh well. Plenty of time to recover before the Christmas treats start rolling in, right? My first student loan payment is about to be due, so pretty soon I won't have enough money to feed myself anyway. I'll finally be able to starve myself like a good little American girl! Hooray!