Mad Libs Monday: Pilot?


I had this idea a few weeks ago to do a weekly video series called Mad Libs Monday. The basic premise is that I'd pick up a book of Mad Libs, select one story to read, post a list of needed words (adjectives, adverbs, nouns, etc.) on Monday, and ask the internet to fill in the blanks via tweets, comments, audio recordings, and video clips. The following Monday, I'd pop in front of a camcorder and read the "backbone" portion of the story, editing in the responses and creating (hopefully) a one-of-a-kind, giggle-inducing tale made by the good people of the internet.

However, I need a few volunteers to do a test run with me. If you're able to record and submit audio or video clips of a handful of words (which you would obviously need to generate) by Saturday, leave a comment (make sure to fill in your email address in the appropriate field), and if seven or more people sign up, I'll make the assignments for the first week via an email tomorrow night.

P.S. Don't feel pressured to do this if you think it's a stupid idea. Just tossing a thought noodle against the wall to see if it sticks.

[Edited, 09.14.11: Oh wow! Thanks to everyone who signed up to participate! I picked a story that had enough words for eight people, and all of the spots are now full! If you're interested in joining a future Mad Libs Monday, let me know!]