Make Good Choices


Adam and I played through a few hours of Mass Effect 3 today, which is one of those video games that, in the midst of action-packed quests and a wonderful storyline, presents you with a number of choices and then forces you to deal with the consequences. Some of the decisions are easy (yes, I will help you with the quest to save your lost son), but many are less obvious (the mother wants to kill the daughter, and the daughter is a serial killer, so . . . coin toss?). I've chosen to build a character who is rather heartless but loyal to her crew and committed to justice. It's been an interesting role-playing experience, since I occasionally have to set aside my own morals for the sake of making a consistent and strong character. But honestly, my only regret in the entire trilogy is choosing to put up with my in-game boyfriend after he yelled at me for being dead for a while.