Mad Libs Monday: Pilot!


Okay, it's official. I finally got around to editing the footage for the pilot episode of Mad Libs Monday. Woohoo! This was a super fun project, and I'm so excited to get started on the next one.

Episode 2: Now Hiring*

I don't know if I'm supposed to move on to Episode 1 now, but I'm just going to call it Episode 2 and hope my brother doesn't slaughter me if I'm breaking some Hollywood rule. ANYWAY, if you're interested in submitting a video or audio post for the next Mad Libs Monday episode, leave a comment below. Make sure to include your email address (visible only to me), so I can hunt you down with further instructions. The deadline for submitting clips is Saturday, but that's kind of the only rule of the game.

So sign up! And head over to YouTube to leave nice comments about the first video! Adjective! Noun! Body part!

*Participation in Mad Libs Monday is totally voluntary. Sorry. No Scooby snacks for you.

UPDATE: Comments are now closed, since all of the available slots have filled up. If you are one of the nine delightful people who signed up below, check your email! Instructions should have arrived on Tuesday evening.