Mornings, Revisited


My morning routine for the past month:

  • Snooze through alarms for an hour.
  • Wake up. (Meh face.)
  • Stay in bed to catch up on Twitter and text messages and emails.
  • Shower.
  • Putter around in a comfy robe, seeking coffee and breakfast.
  • Sit on my bedroom floor in a pool of sunshine with my coffee and breakfast, listen to a podcast, and start applying make-up from my nightstand-doubling-as-a-very-short-vanity.
  • Remain seated with coffee and a podcast and some make-up until five minutes remain on the clock.
  • Attempt a hair thing.
  • Get dressed.
  • Shuffle out the door with a long sigh.

Some parts of this have been working really well for me. Ever since I stopped standing at the bathroom counter to put on my make-up (in silence, without food and drink, not a scrap of natural light to be found), I've been a much happier human being. And I like that I'm not rushed and don't have to get out of bed right away.

Kyla Roma's most recent post, "10 Ways to Make Waking Up Easier with a Seasonal Morning Routine," has me re-thinking other parts of my routine, though. Like maybe I should find time to walk around the block and/or calligraph a new word every morning. I don't have many evening commitments currently (a welcome change, I might add), so there's no reason I couldn't go to bed earlier and maybe spend less time hitting the snooze button in the mornings.

Then again, this Netflix queue isn't going to watch itself.