My Friends! You Bow to No One . . .

Flickr on Paper
Flickr on Paper | Flickr

This photo frame collage thing-a-ma-jig—which my friend, Team Christmas, would just shorten to "nini"—has been sitting on my bedroom floor for months now. I bought it in November when my office was getting repainted and renovated and whatnot. There are nails in the wall where it is meant to hang. It just took an ungodly amount of time for me to decide which pictures I wanted to print and put in the frames.

Tonight, I finally forced myself to do it. With the help of Flickr, Photoshop, HP, scissors, and some magic, I managed to get the whole project done in under an hour. The result? I have something that will bring me joy on a daily basis.

Looking at this, I see that I have really cool cousins who sit and pose with me for hours on end at family reunions. I have friends. Real ones! Friends who smile and make funny faces. I have people who love me, and I love them back even more.

Tonight, I am happy to be alive.