Necessary Dancing Only, Please


While I was flipping through my journals from this year, I found this great list. These were notes I took at the Dave Brubeck concert I attended this summer. I meant to string them together coherently into an entry one day, but that never happened. Just use your imagination.

  • Pablo - popo - police
  • Len - Latin - fat homeless alcoholic
  • Timmeh
  • Sepia benches
  • Play louder! Slap the bass!
  • Old man butt grab
  • Broadway - Brubeck
  • Piano solo - Brubeck
  • 2008 - 50-year anniversary of Dave's tour behind the Iron curtain; Chopin; "Thank you" in Polish; Benjamin Franklin Award
  • Blue Rondo a La Turk
  • Everyone running around with wine glasses
  • Black shoes, white socks, limp
  • Red vests - hot
  • Take Five
  • Unnecessary dancing
  • Cute dancing
  • Take the A Train

P.S. If you're ever at Ravinia, take note of the employees wearing red vests (as opposed to the employees wearing the other colors of vests). Are they or are they not the hottest people working there? My brother and I decided that you had to audition to be part of the elite Red Hots club. We did not use that name, though. I made that up just now.

P.P.S. Old man butt grab!