Never Saw Things Going So Right


I haven't done a single thing on my summer to-do list yet, despite being invited to fly a kite and despite driving through the (full! no room at the inn! pack your bags and move to Cali, sucker!) parking lot of the library. No French phrases have been learned, and no letters have been written to my amazing, lovely grandmother. As far as someone is concerned, my summer has been a heaping pile of failure.

But oh man, that someone would be so, so wrong. I have witnessed some of the most beautiful sunsets just by looking out my bedroom window. I have sat on the front porch and read Pride and Prejudice with the hummingbirds.

Pride and Prejudice on the Porch
Pride and Prejudice on the Porch | Flickr

I have come inside to find freshly made brownies being brought to my room. I have welcomed back one of my favorite friends after his year-long stay in Scotland. I find myself the lucky recipient of some of the best gifts of all time.

Perfectly Awesome Gift Wrap
Perfectly Awesome Gift Wrap | Flickr

Tomorrow night, I will carry on the tradition of Friday Night Date Night with my mom, complete with Panera, Gilmore Girls, and way too much ice cream. On Sunday, I will sit on the grass and listen to Pink Martini. On Thursday, I will meet some of my favorite twenty-something bloggers for a fantastic weekend in Chicago. On Monday, I will collapse into my brand new bed and take a nap with my favorite cat.

I don't know about you, but I hope this summer never ends.