New Guest Blog Series


My good pal Michael, who can be found over yonder at, has graciously offered to write a short series of guest posts filled with late night tips. Most of the internet junkies I know (myself included) are insomniacs and/or night-owls, and I personally am more than a little curious to know what foods I should or should not eat at one o'clock in the morning. What are good books to help me relax? What are things I can do to stay awake for that "zomg, it's finals week!" cram session?

Michael plans to address these subjects and more over the next several weeks, so stay tuned!

Late Night Tips:

  1. Books - suggestions of which ones to read while burning the midnight oil.
  2. Teh Interwebs - sites to visit when you're suffering an insomnia attack or when you really just aren't in the mood to get around to that important project.
  3. Working - tips on how to keep your mind active when you've got work to do.
  4. Your guess is as good as mine. Check back next week for another installment!

P.S. Just promise me you won't find him so awesome that you decide to push me in the proverbial internet ditch, mmk? Remember . . . I'm the one with all the good make-out practice (thanks, Sims 2!) and the keys to the janitor's closet at the church. Love me!