No Turning Back


Here we are, halfway through November, the month of ambitious ambitions in the land of Skirtsville. I haven't failed on the NaBloPoMo front yet, but I'm not doing as well on the 30 Day Shred (days completed: 4) or the Happiness Project (times I went to bed at a proper hour: 2). I did, however, manage to purchase a proper set of hand weights (sorry, Uggs) and pay off my credit card in full (again), so I'm feeling pretty good about those things.

Now then. I have some applesauce that is waiting to be eaten and Christmas lights waiting to be appreciated. Jingle all the way, ladies and gents.

Edited to add: Ironically, this post did not publish as scheduled (although I did manage to get the right date this time), so I once again apologize for the tardiness and whatnot.