No, You're Emotional

  • Had one last Starbucks date with Ian at the baggage claim in Terminal 3.
  • Cried at O'Hare while saying goodbye.
  • Listened to podcasts and watched Netflix until I ran out of British chocolate to eat.
  • Cried because I ran out of chocolate.
  • Watched Doctor Who to cheer myself up.
  • Cried because that's just what I do when I watch the show. Don't hate.
  • Bookmarked so many fabulous Chicago apartments on PadMapper.
  • Cried whenever a listing mentioned cats.
  • Browsed through pet adoption sites to pick out all of my future cat roommates.
  • Cried because I don't have a cat sitting on my lap right now.
  • Decided to share all this on the Internet before moving on to a Lord of the Rings marathon. You're welcome.

P.S. I should mention that I'm really quite happy. I just spent two weeks with my amazing boyfriend, my birthday celebrations have been wonderful, and I've gone three whole hours without scuffing up my nail polish.