Ode to Mr. Kittypants

Meow | Flickr

You know Sassy and Salem and Garfield and Fluffy
Felix and Catbert and Heathcliff and Scratchy
But do you recall
The most famous kitten of all?

Mr. Kittypants, the bow-mouthed kitten
Had a very funny mouth
And if you ever saw it
You would want to send it south

All of the other kittens
Used to laugh and call him names
They wouldn't let Mr. Kittypants
Join in any catnip games

Then one fuzzy Christmas Eve
Rachelskirts came to say,
Mr. Kittypants with your mouth so weird
Won't you try to grow a beard?

Then all the kittens licked him
As they purred and meowed with glee
Mr. Kittypants, the bow-mouthed kitten
You'll go down in history!