Post-It Note Confessions: Part Two

I Tend to Crumble Under Peer Pressure
I Tend to Crumble under Peer Pressure | Flickr

Before you start freaking out, no, I do not play World of Warcraft. Well, not anymore. I did let my coworkers at Office Depot talk me into playing for upwards of nine months. Then, I went back to school and let my Texas boys talk me out of playing. (It is completely possible to quit that game "cold turkey," by the way, so stop all your whining, pansies.)

Other things I have (stupidly) let people talk me into doing:

  • Climbing on top of monkey bars as a kid. (I fell through once and hit my chin on the way down.)
  • Getting my hair (which was down to my butt) cut to my shoulders for twin day in third grade.
  • Eating food from Waffle House.
  • Obtaining a street sign in a rather thief-like manner...
  • Applying for a job at my church. (Oh snap! Did I just say that?)

Upon further reflection, I guess I really don't let people push me around too much, but I would still probably sell my soul to buy the love of a nice-smelling musician who appreciated semicolons. You could also probably get me to do your homework for you if you promised me cookies in return. Just don't ask me to play WoW again unless you're volunteering to do all my dirty work for me while I pick out cute new outfits for my priestess.