Put Me Down As "Very Satisfied"


I just posted a quote from the Trib saying that Chicagoans are the most satisfied with their city, beating out those in New York and Paris and L.A. and Sydney and others. The full article went on to talk about survey results and blah blah who cares, but it brought up the fact that we as a city are striving for world recognition by lobbying to host the 2016 Olympics.

This reminded me of The Devil in the White City, which is a fantastic book and a great story. It's always my airplane book of choice, and it fills me with some crazy pride every single time I read it. Chicago was constantly mocked by New York (and other cities) for being uncultured and immoral and foul, especially when we expressed an interest in hosting the World's Fair. This trash talk from the other cities bred a constant and fierce loyalty and determination within those living here. We were destined for great things (and still are), and one day they would see it.

I think that's a big part of what makes me so pleased to call this place home. We are all on the same team (except when it comes to baseball or which place sells the best pizza), and we all want other people to acknowledge and appreciate and understand and experience this beautiful place where we live. One hundred years ago, people here were fighting this same fight, and that just makes the current residents even more passionate. This is my kind of town, and I really can't see myself living anywhere else.

The Park in Chicago at Night
The Park in Chicago at Night | Stuck in Customs @ Flickr