Putting the "Wreck" in "Emotional Trainwreck"


Yesterday was a virtual disaster from beginning to end. Narrating the tale proved to be too long and ridiculous, so bullet points will have to suffice.

Why yesterday was a bad day:

  • Didn't sleep at all during the nighttime.
  • Trusted my mom to wake me from a nap (she offered), but she sent my dad instead. My dad says stupid things like, "Would you like me to come back later?" when he's waking me.
  • Overslept massively.
  • Didn't have time to shower. Had to wash hair in the sink.
  • Got shampoo in my eye.
  • Didn't have time to properly dry clothing.
  • Went to an interview in damp shirts.
  • Trusted my mom to pick me up for my interview (she offered), but my dad stayed home from work instead, leaving me his car to drive.
  • Had to drive my dad's car, which I hate with an indescribable passion.
  • Cursed up and down in a fit of frustration from the moment I woke up 'til the moment I arrived at the church for my interview.
  • Was so tired and stressed and emotionally tipsy that I wound up crying during my interview with my pastor.
  • Sobbed after the interview.
  • Almost killed people while trying to drive and cry at the same time.
  • Didn't even get the job I really wanted.

Why yesterday was an "okay" day:

  • Got a job.
  • Received lots of lovin' from the fine folks over at Twitter.
  • Watched Lord of the Rings while chowing down on pizza and chocolate, pretty much an unstoppable combination of goodness in my world.
  • Didn't have to pose for a stupid Obligatory Door Picture.
  • Got to be ridiculously angsty while taking this picture instead:
Angst: Sponsored by Crayola
Angst: Sponsored by Crayola | Flickr