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A few people expressed their concern after I mentioned yesterday that I don't want to have children. To clarify, I currently have zero interest in producing offspring. After I marry Elijah Wood, I might decide to bless the world with a Miniskirts or two (and holy cow, yes, that nickname and others will be used), but for now, I am perfectly content to look at infants and toddlers with disdain and be very thankful that I'm not responsible for wiping any noses or butts aside from my own.

On a slightly related note, I got a wicked awesome nosebleed yesterday. I was bummed that it didn't happen on Halloween, though, because having blood trickling across your lips and down your chin makes for a bad-ass costume all for the budget-friendly price of free dollars. Next year, I'll be offering punches to the nose if you or your snot-faced children would like to steal my idea.