Señorita's Big Night Out

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The following guest post was written by my beloved sock monkey, Juan Pedro. Many thanks to Tyler for helping Juan Pedro with some of the typing and formatting.

The señorita is out playing with fire (far too dangerous for a sock monkey like me!) with gRegorLove so I will fill in for her tonight! I hope you like it!

Estoy listo for tonight, even if the señorita's being gone is muy triste. I am very busy! I have many kitty cats to play with, and my Sims are getting lonely, so I better play with them. Then, I have to make sure that señorita's pillows stay soft, and the sheets stay warm and cozy.

Sometimes, I think that's a full-time job, but that's okay because señorita is muy bonita y she says nice things about me. If I can make señorita comfy, then I think I am doing good.

Oh! One more thing! I have to make sure señor Hermano stays out . . . señorita makes me keep watch.

I have much work to do, so I must go! Adios everyone!